Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

This is the first Spring in our new house.

We bought the house in November at the tail-end of Autumn, when the leaves had mostly fallen and overnight chills brought frost. We had no idea what the state of the landscaping would be like come warmer weather... We just had to wait and see.

And now... Now, the wait is over, and I can say that the former owners were wonderful gardeners. 

At first, I was surprised by the daffodils that sprouted at the end of the path. And then the grape hyacinth started popping up. And now, there is a blanket of these little purple flowers near the front porch, and the hedge on the side of the house is covered with buds.

I have always wanted a garden. And now, suddenly and unexpectedly, I am surrounded by growing things--things that are green and yellow and shades of purple.

My soul is happier than I can say.

So, today, I took a break from all of my pearls and challenge pieces, and started making something for the sheer enjoyment of Spring.

It's an amethyst wrap bracelet. (I wanted to use green leather, but black will match more of my wardrobe. And I don't actually have any green leather, so black was the more possible choice anyway.) When it's done, I plan for it to wrap around my wrist three times, with that purple button as a closure.

A purple bracelet to remind me of purple flowers. 

Happy Spring, everyone!

...I am hoping to do more worktable posts, because there are so many things that I'm working on that I never get to share. If I remember, I might even post the finished products! 

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