Monday, April 6, 2015

And the Winner is...


It's time to announce the winners of my March Challenge giveaway!

The prizes!

There were 4 people who entered (two people commented twice, but I counted the comments as one entry, to keep it fair). Then I used the wonderful Random Number Generator over at to pick the winners.

So, without further ado..

The first winner is:

So, kardeslivres wins her first choice of bracelets: the red/brown one!

And the second winner is...

So... gelfling50 wins the turquoise/purple bracelet!

I will be sending emails to both of the lucky winners (so I can get mailing addresses), so be watching your inbox... And for those that didn't win, don't worry! I am hoping to make the giveaways monthly--or, at least, every two months--to correspond with my Monthly Challenge reveals. So, stick around! There will be more chances to win coming up!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by... I hope you all have wonderful days!

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