Monday, July 15, 2013

Bottle Cap Update

Guess who's still been playing with bottle caps?

...Yeah, that would be me.

When I last blogged about them, I simply showed my designs--before pouring resin, before adding the magnet backings, before... well, before pretty much anything.  

Granted, I still haven't actually made anything with them yet, but the resin has cured, and the light was finally compelling enough for me to take pictures of them.

So... here are some pictures! :D

Eight gear bottle caps... four with copper bases, four with brass bases.

The resin did not cure like I thought it would...  instead of staying flat on top, it conformed to the contours of the gears:

Shows what I know about such things, I suppose. Maybe I didn't add enough? Next time I'll try filling it all the way to the top and see what happens then. But! In the meantime, I don't think that's a bad thing, really. 

I mean, I still think they look pretty fantastic.

And, I suppose it's only fair to show that they didn't all turn out fantabulous...  There was one bad apple.

...It's blue.  
Why is it blue?

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but the resin did indeed turn blue.  I guess the copper and the resin had a reaction? Maybe it was just a bad gear? Or something? 

Who knows.

But...  At least the other eight turned out nicely!

Hurray for bottle caps!

Hurray for bottle caps with gears in them, that will be turned into wonderful things!

I will be sure to keep you updated, as I start working on those things... Magnets, definitely, but possibly a few other things.  Mwahahaha!

Er, ahem. 

Apparently I break into evil laughter when I'm excited?

Anyway, I've been having fun.  Stay tuned to see what else I do with them!  And, in the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well!  :)

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