Friday, July 12, 2013


The sun is out, the sun is out!

The last three weeks have been full of nothing but non-stop rain and storms and cloudy skies... which means that, for the last three weeks, I have been bumbling around with my poor inner ear going wonky from the changing air-pressure, causing near-constant vertigo. It was extremely hard to focus and be productive. Ugh.

In fact, I didn't realize how much of my lack-of-focus was caused by this until yesterday...

When the sun came out.

Blue sky! And trees! ...But mostly blue sky, lol.

I got more done yesterday than I have gotten done in three weeks.

...It was glorious! 

And! According to the forecasts, the next ten days should be storm-free...  I am so ridiculously excited! I might even be able to catch up on all of the blogging that I've been wanting to do--both because I can finally take nice pictures (yay natural light) and because I'll have the ability to write coherent thoughts! (I need to write about vacation crafts, and jewelry makeovers, and vacation loot, and current projects, and and and...)

Thank you all for being patient with me while I've been kind of scarce.

Golly, it's nice to have my brain back. :D


  1. I love the rain, but I sure missed the sunshine! Love all your photos.

    1. Awww, thanks!

      I actually really like rain--in moderation. I love listening to it while reading and drinking tea. Too much of it just makes me feel bad. Ah well... it makes me all the more grateful for the sunshine!


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