Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge - July Reveal, Part 5

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Here it is! It's time for the final reveal for July's Monthly Challenge!

I truly appreciate your patience as I've rolled these out over the last few days... I certainly hope that you will find this last entry to be worth your while!

So! Let's see... In the last few entries, I have already talked about how the ancient Maya liked multi-stranded necklaces... 

Stela 11 from Seibal,
from the terminal classic period.
Not my picture!
From the Wikimedia Commons.

How they liked green jade... 

Not my picture!
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Go there--it has a wonderful write-up on the symbolism of this piece and its elements.

How they had an impressive writing system...

Page 9 of the Dresden Codex.
Not my photo!
From the Wikimedia Commons.

And so, in this final set, I decided to highlight all of those traits together. 

Below is the result of that effort.

Set #4

Yep! It is a multi-stranded collar necklace, made with dyed yellow turquoise, Czech glass, vintage seed beads, and Mayan-inspired findings. The matching earrings are made with those same materials--I made two pairs, because I couldn't decide which design I liked more.

Each link was wire-wrapped and then joined together with jumprings... I realize that this was not the most ancient-Mayan-type construction, but I think the final result is pretty impressive--and definitely reminiscent of the beautiful many-stranded necklaces so prevalent in their art!

Also, there is an extender chain, which makes it go from choker-tight to a more draped look, depending on the preference (and neckline) of the wearer.

And so, there you go! That is the last set that I made this month for this Mayan-inspired challenge. Not too shabby! :)

Doing this challenge has reminded me just how much I truly love ancient cultures and archaeology, and would love the chance to really research ancient jewelry. Seriously--I would love to go to a museum and just stare at the artifacts... their material, their construction, their style. Study the depictions in the art of the time. That sounds like so much!

...Perhaps I will do another Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge based on an ancient culture. So many possibilities!

Oh! One more thing. I mentioned briefly that I didn't make everything I had planned for this challenge... Time just got away from me. For fun, here are the three projects that I didn't get a chance to make... Maybe next month I will have a chance to work on them!

Multi-strand necklace, with a lampwork focal by GlassyFields.

Necklace inspired by the white-and-red Spondylys shells favored by the Maya.

More jade-inspired goodness!

...And, with that, I really am done. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! I hope you have enjoyed my creations... I truly appreciate you stopping by!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh, I love this piece--the pretty green, the stone beads, the silver tribal focal findings...just gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so, so much! I'm thrilled that you like it! :D


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