Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello, July!

...and, once again, hello weekly worktable post!

Of course, I realize that said weekly worktable post is a bit late... But, considering Wednesday was dedicated to the Pretty Palettes reveal, I figured that would be acceptable. :)

Some background on my current beading table endeavors: June was a doozy of a month. Honestly, it felt like it was divided into two mini-months. The first two and a half weeks--June #1, so to speak--was dedicated to making a lot of jewelry. That was when I finished my Pretty Palettes pieces. The last two and a half weeks, June #2, was a whirlwind of activity and social interactions and I hardly did any creating at all... Until Wednesday, when I finally started playing around with my June Bargain Bead Box

That means that I am starting July finishing up pieces from that collection... Namely, this:

This tassel necklace is now almost done!
I will share pictures when it is... I'm really happy with how it's coming together.

I also made this necklace set using the Bargain Bead Box beads, which I finished up yesterday (yep, at the very tail end of June):  

This set is beautiful, and I need to take a better picture of it.
The necklace is knotted on waxed linen.

Another so-so picture of a beautiful jewelry set.
I really love that silver flower focal.

So, yeah... the first worktable of July is catching up with projects from June. And that's okay! Just mostly amusing, at least to me.

We shall see what this new month holds... More craziness, I'm sure. More busy-ness. But also more beads and more laughter and more chances to learn. And who knows... Maybe I'll get a chance to start on my July Bargain Bead Box more than two days before the end of the month. ;)

Happy July, everyone! Let's make it a good month! :)

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