Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable

Hurray! I didn't forget about this week's worktable post! 

...You know, like I did last Wednesday. Oops.

Random beads that were featured in last week's worktable post.

So, now to answer the pressing question: what I been working on? 

...Heh. Nothing that I'm actually supposed to be doing.

I really do have many things I need to do. Besides life things like cleaning and exercising (this past month, I've been working on some fitness goals--and it's been kicking me in the rear), I have at least four jewelry challenges that I want to do. As a result, I've been plotting and planning and working hard--exercising, cleaning, and beating my head against my beading projects.

And then, this week, I realized that I needed just to play. 


Be random.

Entertain chaos and just let myself experiment.

And so I cleared my craft table of my projects and to-dos, and starting poking at the above palette of different colors and textures. Soon, my playing around turned into this:

...Yes, that is the beginning of the most random tassel necklace that I've ever done.

More progress on said necklace... You can see the tassel taking form.

Eventually, after some trial and error and having to switch out the focal three times, I ended up with this:


I was so excited about my finished piece that I even shared it on Instagram:

I have so many random beads left, I know that there will be more of these necklaces. No two of them will be alike--and they will be the perfect projects to do when I am rebelling and in need of some creative chaos.

Another random bead mix to add to my existing random bead mix!

After a week of play, I'm starting to feel a little more inclined to work on things that I actually need to do. In fact, I feel relaxed and refreshed and renewed--and, by golly, I need to remember to play more often. It is good for my creativity, and it is definitely good for my mental state!

Well, there you go... That's what I've been up to. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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