Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

This week, I'm getting ready for two grand reveals coming up--my April Challenge (reveal tomorrow), and the Bead Peeps Swap N' Hop (reveal on Saturday).

Mostly, I just need to finish taking/editing pictures, and then actually write the blog entries. Yet, my creative juices are still flowing... and while I should be focusing on other things, my beading table is still quite full.

And, you guessed it, I'm still working with pearls.

Shades of blue!

That large bead in the middle is a handmade lampwork bead, made by Carol Christensen-Day of GlassyFields... I ordered it on a whim, and am so glad that I did. It's gorgeous! 

Also in the picture are two different size/shape/colors of pearls (9-10 mm ocean blue flat potato pearls and 6-7 mm mystic blue semi-round pearls, for those who are curious), some crystals, and some silver tone beads.

Starting to work out a design...
There will be a tassel, probably, because
I am equally obsessed with both pearls and tassels.

Honestly, I would love to have this piece done for tomorrow's reveal... Because, pearls! 
However, I am also envisioning quite a bit of wire-wrapping in this design, and I don't know if I'll have time to do that tonight. Ah well. 

Yet, regardless of whether or not I finish this particular project, I will have many pieces to show off for my April Challenge--and a giveaway to boot. So, be sure to come by tomorrow to see what I've made! 

...And then come back on Saturday for the Swap N' Hop!

So many shiny projects! 

...And now I really should go be productive. It's just so hard to focus when there are pearls on my beading table! :)

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