Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - July Edition

It's time for July's Monthly Challenge!

Now, this month is going to be a little different. In order to set the stage, I think some backstory is in order...


Recently I have been attempting to do a deep clean/purge of the apartment. While doing this, one of my goals has been to go through and organize my jewelry--a task has made me realize two things. 

I have a lot of jewelry. Granted, to anyone following this blog, that really isn't a surprise. 

I hardly wear any of it. Really, I don't. Instead, I usually opt to wear the same three necklaces over and over again. It's a shame, really.

So, based on these two facts, I came up with July's Challenge.

The Challenge

This month is going to be dedicated to wearing and appreciating what I own. 

More specifically, that means that I'm going to attempt to wear different jewelry each day. Even more specifically, that means a different necklace each day. I'm hoping to do different earrings, too, but sometimes my ears get cranky and that's not really an option.

I'm also hoping to get into the habit of wearing some of the bracelets I own, but never ever wear.

What I wore on Day 1:
One of the Bead Soup necklace and earring sets that I made last year,
coupled with a matching vintage fused glass bracelet I recently purchased.

As far as reveals go, I hope to do periodic check-ins during the month. I will attempt to take a picture of everything that I end up wearing, but I make no promises... We'll see how that ends up going.

At the very end of the month, I plan to do a summary post about the experience--and maybe show off some of my favorites.

Another shot of the jewelry from Day 1.

So often I get caught up in the things that I want--new techniques that I want to try, new designs and color combinations and materials I want to play with and wear--that I forget to enjoy the things that I already have. 

So, this month is dedicated to using, loving, and appreciating what I already own... And I appreciate you joining me for this journey!


  1. i should do a jenny challenge, too!! i'll wear a different pair of your earrings every workday for a month-- i am pretty sure i could do it at this point. ;)

    1. Heee! That would be fun! Let me know how it goes--I think it's a great idea! :D


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