Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Monthly Challenge: Check-In #3

Yet another monthly challenge check-in!

This one, like the others, covers a 5 day period... So, for those keeping track, it goes from this past Saturday (7/12) to yesterday (7/16).

Again, it's an interesting mix of purchased/altered/created-from-scratch items, ranging from tried-and-true designs to a completely new experiment.

...And it was quite difficult to get a good picture of everything together, so my apologies for the jumbled-looking pictures.

Here it is, all together!

 And now, for the daily rundown...

July 12
Something I did not make!

I bought this handmade set from a lovely lady in California a couple years ago... I would love to link to her store, but she has since closed it.

This set is light-weight and fun to wear... and I was surprised to find that I have an outfit that matches it perfectly. For someone who didn't think she owned a lot of green, I've been wearing a lot of it so far this month!

July 13
...Something I did make!

A few months ago, I found packets of this crystal-and-gold-link chain at JoAnn Fabrics on super clearance. I snatched them up--and then subsequently did nothing with them. 

Until this past weekend, that is, when I decided to just go the simple-and-elegant route of attaching them all together. The end result is a super-long 60 inch necklace of awesomeness, complete with matching earrings.

And, well, I was so excited with it that I immediately started wearing it. (Added bonus: it just so happened to match my outfit, which I didn't do on purpose. Score!)

July 14
Another thing I made... this one was an experiment.

I bought this three-tiered pendant from one of my favorite Etsy thrift stores, and when it arrived I was a little stymied. I hadn't expected it to be quite so... well, large. For awhile, it just sat on my craft table and mocked me.

So, on Monday, I decided to tackle it.

I got out various lengths of scrap chain and started draping them every which way, connecting everything with jumprings. (I also tried some different bead dangles, but they didn't look quite right.) I actually started wearing it while I was making it--just to see if the chain was laying correctly, and if it would continue to do so even if I moved.

The end result is actually rather spectacular--and exceedingly hard to photograph. It looks the best when worn, and I couldn't get a good picture of me in it. (Even when I was done, I didn't take it off!)

Honestly, I'm not 100% certain that I like it. But, considering that: 1. this was my first time ever doing something like it, 2. the pendant was from a thrift shop and I already owned the chain and 3. it looks downright regal when worn, I consider it a win. We'll just see if I wear it out of the house next time, or if I end up turning it into something completely different! :)

July 15
Re-worked vintage necklace set.

This was originally a vintage lucite necklace that was falling apart. The beads were fine, but the construction... well, the construction needed some work.

So, I did just that. I gathered the beads and re-wire-wrapped them... and the end result is a jewelry set that looks fantastic with jeans.

July 16
Completely and totally store-bought.

This set? I totally didn't make.

But I still love it.

(And another instance where I wore green. Heh.)

There really isn't much of a story behind it... I got it on clearance awhile ago, and have worn it on and off since. I got several compliments on it, though, when I was at my writer's meeting, so it's definitely a keeper!

So, ta-da! Yet another five days worth of jewelry!

I have to say that it is rather amusing that the largest and fanciest piece I wore happened to be on the day I didn't even leave the house. I suppose there is something to be said for getting dressed up just for the sake of getting dressed up!

I also think it's rather amusing that my taste seems to be all across the chart. Purchased pendants, vintage lucite, dainty chain, and giant 4-inch ethnic-looking pieces all seem to be fair game. I'm not quite sure how I would define my style, but I definitely wouldn't call it boring!

And I suppose that concludes this check-in. The month is a little more than halfway over, so I guess we'll see what the rest of the month holds.

As always, thanks for following me on this journey... I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

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