Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Custom Order Ouroboros Necklace

Recently, I've been working on things that aren't very photogenic.

I mean, assembling furniture and organizing music and sorting through yarn are all happy things...  But, just like any creation process, they're messy and tend to create piles of things all over the floor.  And, well, I'm not going to take pictures of floor-piles.

But, not all is lost! There is something recently that I did get a chance to make... and that something is photogenic, to boot!

It is a custom necklace for a friend.


She wanted it to be all copper, to match different pairs of copper earrings she owns.  She also wanted it to be a bit shorter, so that it could work well with her different shirt necklines.

So, I made an ouroboros necklace.  

What's an ouroboros necklace?  Well, it's what I call a simple necklace design that reminds me of the classic snake-eating-its-own-tail imagery.  (For my explanation of this, go here.) These necklaces are versatile, and can be worn several different ways.

For example, the one that I created for my friend can be worn three ways.

First, it can be worn with the toggle and dangle in the front:

It can be worn with the toggle and dangle in the back, leaving just a simple scoop of chain in the front:

And it can be worn over the head, with the larger chain on one side and the two smaller chains on the other:

When worn with the toggle clasp closed, it measures a little over 16 inches.  When worn over the head, it measures closer to 34 inches.

Am I happy with how this necklace turned out?  

Yes.  (I want one!)

Is she happy with how it turned out?


...and, honestly, hearing her excitement about it has made the entire process worth it. I love being able to make things that people love; I love being able to take an idea and create something beautiful.

And when I'm done organizing those floor-piles and have brought order to my apartment and craft room, I am excited that I will have room to do even more! 

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