Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday's Worktable

Quick little entry today... It's getting rather late, and I still have quite a bit I want to accomplish before this evening is over. Still, per my custom, I wanted to share what's on my worktable this week--and it's all shades of blue and orange and copper.

In other words, I'm working on this month's Bargain Bead Box.

Sneak preview of the necklace, with the earrings in the background.

Ta-da! The earrings!

I haven't gotten much time at all this past week to do beading... Lots of other things to work on. (Perfecting a banana muffin recipe, undertaking a new exercise routine, that sort of thing.) That being said, though, I'm pretty happy with the things I've made for some of the jewelry reveals coming up... And I'm even working more on my poor neglected Etsy store. Imagine!

So, off I go to be productive... Those banana muffins aren't going to make themselves, after all. Heh.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! :)

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