Saturday, May 14, 2011


...So that your hair won't lose it's place!

Yes, it's cheesy--but it makes me happy. 

So, what are hairmarks?  Simply put: hairmarks are hairsticks with tassels!  

Hairmark, in black and gold

Although it sounds remarkably cliché, the idea came from a dream that I had a few weeks ago.

In the dream, I was shopping with my mother.  While that might not sound fascinating to you, I can assure you that it was.  We were poking around in an antique/oddities shop--and it had everything.  There was Aladdin's lamp, there was Cinderella's slipper, there were maps of Middle Earth, there was the grail diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  It also had token glass dishes, fine lace, and odd perfume bottles--somehow made even more amazing, considering the other items in the shop.

It was a veritable treasure trove of geekery.

Nestled in one corner, I came across a glass full of colored pencils with tassels.  The girl who worked at the store came over to me and confided, "Oh, I sometimes use those to put up my hair."

...And so a design was born.  When I woke up, I ordered some tassels.  I was delighted when they arrived...  after some playing around, I had an entire new line of hairsticks!  (Just in time for graduation, too--can you imagine hairmarks in school colors?  I believe I can.)

Currently, I have the following colors of tassels available, and I'm selling them as custom orders--both as solo and pairs of hairsticks:

1 - Burgundy
2 - Red
3 - Orange
4 - Yellow
5 - Kelly Green
6 - Light Blue
7 - Royal Blue
8 - Purple
9 - Black
10 - White
11 - Ginger Brown
12 - Maroon
13 - Dark Brown
14 - Antique Gold
15 - Silver

I, personally, am excited... but perhaps that's just because I get to play with tassels!  (If I were a lesser person, I would consider going outside and using some of my prototypes to play with Tolkien.  Oh, who am I kidding...  the next sunny day we get!)

Yay for tassels, yay for hairmarks, and yay for being easily delighted!


  1. School colors!!! What a genius idea! :)
    That store was wonderful! Let's go again this summer.. . . :)

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I definitely want to go back! I have such a wonderful time shopping with you! :)


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