Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello, January... And Hello, 2016!

2015 was an extremely... interesting year.

Random jellyfish shot!
...From one of my multiple trips to the Newport Aquarium this year.

Let's see...

2015 was the year that my husband was offered a job by a major video game company, but decided not to take it.

It was the year that we didn't move to California (for the aforementioned job), although we seriously seriously considered it.

Screenshot I took of my husband's location when
he was in Santa Monica, interviewing.

It was the first year of home-ownership... and the year that we had to deal with so, so many things going wrong with the house--from roots in the sewer line to yellow jackets in the outer kitchen wall to having to replace our side fence to replacing our entire AC unit (to the tune of $7,000). Ugh.

The plumbers had to jackhammer up part of of our basement floor.

...But it was also the year that I discovered that we have daffodils in our front yard.  

Didn't get a picture of the daffodils--but I got pictures of these lovelies!
Also in our front yard.

It was the year that I achieved one of my life goals: to actually own a washer and dryer, and have a place to put them.

...And this still makes me very, very happy.

It was the year that my husband learned to drive stick-shift and play soccer and run a 5k.

Yes, this is the picture of the shifter--taken the day we bought the car.

It was the year that I got to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert for the first time. 

Our seats were twelve rows from the stage!!
(Please pardon the rather grainy picture; front-facing phone camera, and all that.)

...At a point in the show, the platforms the musicians were standing on swung
over the audience... He was almost directly over us!

It was the year of explosive creativity... I learned so many things: how to make paper beads, and do metal stamping, and make wrap bracelets.

And it was the year that I started to discover just what my signature jewelry style is... And realized that it isn't something to be fought, but rather experimented with and explored and enjoyed.

The very first tassel necklace that I made, a year ago in January 2015.
Little did I know what a tassel-monster I would become! :)

So long, 2015! You were a crazy, rough, joyous, heart-wrenching, exasperating, and amazing year.

...And now, welcome 2016! 

May this year be filled with light and laughter and beautiful things--and hopefully significantly less home repair!

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. I love your tassel necklaces. Great post. Happy New year.

    1. Thank you so, so much! I'm so glad that you like my tassel necklaces--I so enjoy making them! Happy New Year to you, as well! :)

  2. Hooray for a washer and dryer! You truly had a banner year. The jellyfish pic looks like a negative photo of dementors!

    1. The washer and dryer means that I've unlocked a new level in adulthood, right? We'll have to see what all happens this year! :)


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