Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - January Edition

Ah, here it is... Time for the first Monthly Challenge of the year! Hurray!

Since the last two months have been quite intensive, this month is going to be a lot simpler--in theory, at least. I have a habit of making things super complicated, so we'll see where this takes me!

So, what is the challenge? This is my challenge:


More specifically, I want to make something with one of the above pendants--even if it's just putting one of them on a chain. I'm giving myself permission to be as simple or complex as I need to be this month.

What's so special about those pendants, you might ask? 

Well, I made them--on Christmas Day, no less. I know that I've said it multiple times, but one of my favorite favorite things to do is craft with my mother. And this year, on Christmas, we did just that. She had gone to a craft show and picked up supplies from CraftFantastic, and she introduced me to the fun that is turning pictures into pendants.

A glimpse onto my mother's craft table!
Her medium of choice is paper, so it's always fun when our specialties overlap!

Three of the pendants were made with images from CraftFantastic, the clock was from a Tim Holtz paper pad that my mother had, and the owl-in-a-top-hat was actually a sticker. (From that same sheet, my mum made a pendant with a pheasant with a parasol--what fun!)

Thinking about that day makes my heart overflow with such joy... I always value time with my mum, and it was such a special day. One of the best Christmases that I can remember.

And as I settle down into the hustle and bustle of a new year (I just took the Christmas Tree down!), I want to remember that moment of quiet contentment. 

I'll be posting what I make on the last Friday of January, the 29th... Come by then to see what I end up creating--as simple or elaborate as I end up being!

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