Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blog Hop Announcement!

So, first, a bit of a disclaimer... when I first wrote this blog post and queued it up, I was going to announce two different upcoming Blog Hops. 

Sadly, that is not the case anymore. 

Still, I've decided that I want to mention the first one anyway--because it was such a blast the last few times that I did it, and it definitely deserves attention. Which hop am I talking about? The Bead Soup Blog Hop, of course! Ah yes... The original gateway that really took me to the next level in my jewelry design. (Want to see what I made with my first Bead Soup ever? Go here!)

And, while I am super super bummed that there won't be one this year, I completely understand and respect why it was canceled... and I hold onto hope that it will be back at some point. So, here's the badge for it... because, while the dates might not be right, hope springs eternal! :)

So, that was blog hop #1.

The other Blog Hop that I'm part of is still going on... And that is the Bead Peep's Second Annual Swap N' Hop.

Our partners will be announced next month, and I'm pretty darned excited. After all, last year's hop inspired my ongoing love for pearls, and can't wait to see where this one leads me!

So, there you go... An upcoming event here at Wonder and Whimsy! Stay tuned for more developments! (And if you're interested in last year's Getting to Know Me post, just click here!)

What fun to play with shiny things... Happy Beading, everyone!

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  1. Sorry Bead Soup was cancelled. Hope you have a blast with Bead Peeps! I am such a fan of your jewelry creations!


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