Sunday, August 1, 2010

Posted! - A Tribute to Indiana Jones

I love Indiana Jones.

There, I admitted it.  Even though my anthropology training has me cringe slightly every time he blows up an important archaeological find (like when, in Last Crusade, he uses the arm of a Crusader's skeleton as a torch), I can't help it.  He is dashing, he is fallible, he has a wonderful collection of books that I would love to read...  and, come on, he's Harrison Ford.  What's not to love?

So, to honor my affection for the whip-slinging lover of antiquities, I made a set of archaeology-inspired lovelies.  Something about the swirling patterns on the Crazy Horse Jasper and the antiqued look of the porcelain, just makes me think of something that Indy might have found on his many adventures.

Here is the necklace:

Here are the earrings:

Here is the hairstick:

All three things are for sale at my store...  shameless self-promotion, perhaps, but more just excitement to share.  It took me awhile to come up with pieces that I was really happy with, and I am quite pleased with these.


And, just to clarify, I didn't get a BA in anthropology (with archaeology field and lab training) because of Indiana Jones.  I didn't actually see the Indy films until I had already made that decision.  

No, that honor goes to a young Ben Affleck, who in the PBS special The Second Voyage of the Mimi taught me all about the amazing culture of the Mayans.  I wasn't even 10 yet, and I was fascinated.  That fascination hasn't left me, either...  I went on and got an award for a report I did on the Mayans in the 7th grade, and just this past Christmas, I was given a Mayan hieroglyphic dictionary (which I sat and read for two hours on Christmas day).

So, thank you to Ben Affleck and my parents for showing me the wonders of past cultures.  And, for those who are interested in a brief overview of The Second Voyage of the Mimi, go to the Wikipedia article:

And, now, I go to read.  (No high literature for me tonight...  I'm working my way through the wonderfully ridiculous Indiana Jones novels, and I'm up to Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates).

I will leave you with one of my favorite exchanges from the Indy films:

"It belongs in a museum!"

"...So do you!"

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