Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday's Worktable

Ahhh, December... That time of year that everything on my craft table is either a Christmas present or part of a design challenge. 

Unfortunately, that means that I don't have a lot to show off today, jewelry-wise. But, hey... at least I can show off the cute candy cane wreaths I made on Monday with one of my sisters-in-law:

We had so much fun assembling these. Seriously, we had a blast--buying the supplies, assembling the wreaths, playing with the hot glue, eating the leftovers. Something to note, though--while these are cute, they are not incredibly stable. That's okay, though--it's just an excuse to eat them! :)

Oh, and another plus: I am now a proud owner of a hot glue gun! Bwahahaha! (I know it's rather hard to believe that I didn't own one before now!)

Thanks so much for stopping by today... hopefully, I'll have something a bit more jewelry-oriented for next week's post.

Until then--have a wonderful week, everyone!

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