Monday, July 31, 2017

Artisans Create Together Color Palette Challenge - July Reveal

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Guess what... I have one last reveal for this month! Woo!

Every month, the Facebook group Artisans Create Together puts out two inspiration palettes. Even though I don't always get to play along, I love seeing the different color combinations... And this month one of the palettes was so bright and cheerful, I just couldn't help myself:

I mean, honestly! Isn't that a juicy palette?

I went rooting through my stash, and came up with an equally juicy selection of beads--and I even made some paper beads to match. Some playing around, and a necklace started to take form:

I was on such a roll that it honestly didn't take long before I was done. Here is the final result: 

The butterfly is magnesite, and the other beads are either glass, crystal, or paper. 

As far as the paper beads go, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out... I played around with making teardrop shaped beads--not just the long thin cones--and they came out well. Hurray!

Oh, and I thought finding the two-tone lime and orange beads were a nice touch. ;)

I was thrilled to be able to make this necklace set for this challenge... I've had a bit of extra creating time this month, and I think I've put it to good use. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have a wonderful day, everyone... And happy last day of July!

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