Friday, June 23, 2017

We're All Ears - June Reveal

Ha, I'm late to the party!

For some reason, I thought that the We're All Ears reveal for June was today... but, behold, it was last week! I was even ready for it last week, too--I had taken pictures of the pieces while I was in Maryland. Ah well... That's what I get for writing my blog schedule in a hurry, I suppose, on the day before I left to visit my parents. Hopefully it's better to be late than never! :)

In any case, on to the party! The inspiration for this month's We're All Ears challenge was fireflies:

Not my picture!
This photo was featured in the introduction to this challenge, over on the Earrings Everyday blog.

And what fun!

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland--where lightning bugs are one of the first signs of summer. They're even quite common here in Cincinnati, and I look for them whenever the weather turns from warm to hot. I love the way they look against the darkening trees, rising from the ground like faerie lights.

For this challenge, I made two pairs of earrings--one inspired by the look of the fireflies themselves (on the right), and one inspired by the twinkle of yellow light they leave against the twilight (on the left):

The above pair was made with crystal and glass knotted on waxed linen, and was inspired (roughly) by the shape of lightning bugs--the rounded head, the larger bottom, the line that separates the two sections... and, of course, the trail of light left behind them as they fly.

Along those lines, I used similar materials for the below pair--the same glass and crystal, this time with silvertone findings. My goal was to echo the light and magical feeling when multiple fireflies start to twinkle against the evening.

So, there you go! A bit late, but those are the earrings that I made for this month's We're All Ears challenge. 

Thank you so much to Earrings Everyday and Erin Prais-Hintz for hosting... And thank you, too, for stopping by to see what I made.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I really wish that I lived in the country to see more of these fascinating creatures! I love their little dance of light. I think that your earrings are perfect. One is more fancy and upscale and the other is more boho and rustic. Both fabulous! Thanks for playing (and that is exactly why I leave the link up open for a week!). Enjoy the day! Erin


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