Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday's Worktable

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First order of business, a disclaimer: I'm writing this entry with a terrible splitting headache. As a result, I apologize if this entry is clunky or badly edited... I'll do my best, but ow. It's hard to concentrate when your head is pounding.

...And now that that's out of the way, it's time for the actual entry. :)

On my worktable this week, I have three projects in various stages of completion. (Well, in addition to the ones that I'm making for challenges, but I won't be showing those off today.) Of those three projects, one is finished, the other two are in the making... and I'll be sharing all three--because I can. *grin*

First up, here are the materials I used for Project #1 (the one that's finished):

A lampwork focal bead by Glassyfields, a lampwork earring pair by Juli Cannon,
three colors of Czech beads, and some carved wood.
What a beautiful, inspiring collection!

...Well, technically I didn't use all of those components for this project--but it was a nice springboard! 

After some poking around, I decided to only use the rose-and-gold shades of Czech glass to complement the lampwork components. With those, I made this set: 

As a fun side-note, the matching of the handmade lampwork pieces was completely serendipitous... both the focal and the earring pair were included as gifts when I made purchases from their respective artists. So imagine my delight when I opened my orders, and found that the gifts matched! It's like they planned it. :)

Now, this next project is still in the planning phase.

Some background: earlier this week, I went bead shopping with one of my best friends. We had a blast, and I walked away with quite an amazing haul--some of it was 70% off!

These beads were part of that haul:

Metal and ceramic and pearl, all purchased from Joanns at 70% off.
My coupon game is strong. ;)

I haven't decided on a final design yet, but this is currently the necklace idea that I'm playing with:

I'm not sure if it will beaded all the way around or if I'm going to use chain for part of it. I'm not sure if I'm going to string it (with either waxed linen or beading wire) or use my customary bead wrapped links. So many decisions! ...And that is one of the fun parts of jewelry designing. :)

And now, for Project #3... It's also in the planning stages, although I think I've figured out my design. What I make will be in the colors of watermelon tourmaline:

Pink and green and magenta--what a fun, cheerful palette!

Although, fun fact: my current design doesn't actually incorporate any tourmaline at all!

Yep, a tassel necklace.
You're so surprised, I'm sure.

It does incorporate some green aventurine, Czech glass, pearl, cherry quartz, carved wood, and vintage acrylic, though. 

And don't worry--the tourmaline will find a good home. I'll probably end up making it into a tassel necklace of its own, with the green stone coin (seen in the material picture at the top, next to the lampwork bead) as its focal. At least, that's the current plan!

So, there you go... That's what is on my worktable this week. And I'll get back to it, as soon as this headache goes away. (Ugh.)

Thanks so much for stopping by... I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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