Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello, May!

It's May!

The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers... and, golly, has it been raining a lot this past week! May flowers sound happy, though--and that reminded me of the inspiration picture posted on the Bead Soup Cafe this past month (put together and posted by Arlene Dean):

I decided to take that inspiration, and make something flowery and happy to usher in the new month:

It's a garden-inspired necklace and earring set! 

It's made from a variety of materials--crystal and Czech glass, paper beads and acrylic and glass, with silver-tone filigree leaves and a flower toggle. I am particularly happy with the paper beads that I made/used... They are the long skinny beads, with striations that remind me of the dress in the collage.

I actually originally intended to simply make a pair of earrings. Then as I started to put materials together, a necklace started to take form... and well, the rest is history!

As a quick side-note: I apologize for the rather poor lighting... It's because of the aforementioned rain, and the fact that I'm still in the process of setting up my lightbox. I will try to update my pictures when I can. :)

So, here is to hoping that all of this rain really does bring May flowers... And, if nothing else, I will have a happy garden necklace to wear for it!

Have a wonderful May, everyone!

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  1. How beautiful!! I am so glad your having fun with my ideas. LOL I am enjoying doing them. LOL Now to get my self caught up. :)


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