Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday's Worktable

Guess who completely spaced and forgot to write a blog entry yesterday?

...Yeah, that would be me.


I suppose such absent-mindedness is allowed, given the fact that I was not feeling well yesterday. I was exceedingly dizzy, and ended up being as productive as mud.

...And with the amount of rain we've been having, there is plenty of mud to be found.
This is one of the trees near our house...
As you can tell, the sky is quite grey and gloomy, and has been so for many days.

Now, as far as my worktable goes... well, currently it's a huge mess. I've hardly gotten a chance to clean up from last month, and already I'm in full swing for May. 

Let's see... I'm in the process of preparing my May Monthly Challenge (almost ready to go!), I'm sizing up the different challenges that I want to do (the  Starling Wing challenge from Allegory Gallery, Pretty Palettes from Halcraft, the Honey Do List from SJ Designs Jewelry, to name a few), and I'm finishing up my pieces for the Bead Peeps Swap N' Hop (the reveal is in 10 days! Woo!).

I'm also toying with a couple different project ideas... Nothing concrete yet, just enjoying playing around. Brainstorming, if you will.

I've been playing with some tourmaline:

All different shapes and sizes!
If I can find the right focal, this might become a tassel necklace.

I've been brainstorming what to do with a gorgeous coral focal I've obtained:

Freshwater pearls and dyed sponge coral...
Not sure if these are the final materials, but it's a start.

...And, last but certainly not least, I've been mixing different textures and colors and materials to come up with this palette of crazyfun:

I'm in love with this collection. So many possibilities!
Tassel necklace? Earrings? Why not do it all?!

Since I'm definitely still in the preparation stages, there aren't any progress pictures to show right now... But that's all right. Forming ideas is definitely part of of the fun for me... And, well, I definitely have a lot of ideas right now!

...I guess I should get off my computer and get to work! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone... And thanks for being patient with my absent-mindedness!

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