Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable... and Snowy Photoshoot Part 1

The items on today's worktable are all about snow.

...Because it's January, and that's what it does here in Cincinnati. 

Snowy backyard is snowy.

Okay, granted, January in Cincinnati can also mean random warm weather and sunshine. There's a saying that if you don't like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes--it'll change. It's been known to be over 50 degrees Fahrenheit one day and then below freezing the next. 

For the purposes of this blog entry, however, I'm talking about snow... Because that's what it's doing today. There's about an inch of it out there, and we're supposed to get more this weekend.

And that's why my worktable is covered with all things snowish:

Snowflakes in both bright and antique silver,
coupled with crystal--both white AB and clear.

From the above, I made a simple necklace and pair of earrings. I actually have two more pieces planned; we'll see when I get around to making them.

And, because I'm silly, I decided that it would be fun to take some finished-piece pictures outside. Now, I realize that it's probably not normal to look outside at snow and go, "ooooo, I should stand in the cold and take jewelry photos!"

I, however, have never claimed to be normal--so, outside I went.

Here are some of the results:

A simple necklace with a simple snowy dangle--bright silver paired with
white crystal AB bicones.

White crystal AB bicone earrings to match.

Drama shot!
...It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but still fun.

I did take more jewelry pictures, too, while outside... I decided to photograph my progress on the two necklaces I've featured in the last two Wednesday Worktables (the pink tassel and the paper bead necklace). I'll be posting those tomorrow, in Snowy Photoshoot Part 2, if you're interested.

...I wanted to take even more pictures, but my feet were starting to get cold and I decided it would make more sense to come inside and have some tea. 

And maybe start on another snowflake necklace, once my hands warm up. 

So, there you go... That's what I'm working on this week. Happy Wednesday... and stay warm, everyone!

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