Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two More Projects...

Usually after I go on vacation, it takes awhile for me to ease back into productivity.

...Not this year, apparently. 

Instead, I have hit the ground running. In addition to my Monthly Challenge and the Art Jewelry Elements Blog Hop that I've already blogged about, there are two more projects that I'm working on. And, well, it's about time that I wrote about those, too!

So, first up... 

Leather feathers!

Aren't these so cool?
If they look familiar, it's because they made a cameo appearance
in last week's Wednesday's Worktable.

These feathers are part of a blog hop hosted by Rachel over at MintMonarch. Being super talented, she made them out of leather. For the blog hop, she sent each participant a pair of those feathers, and we get to make something with them. Hee. I asked her to send me a pair at random, and I really like the ones that I got!

(Side note: she has a bunch of them on sale on her Etsy store, if you want your own--I have my eye on a few more pairs.)

So! Come by September 5th to see what I make with these lovelies.

And, secondly:

The August Bargain Bead Box Challenge!

...That's quite a mouthful!

If this sounds rather familiar, that's because it is... It's quite similar to what I did for last month's challenge--except this time, it's a challenge put forth by the people in charge of the Bargain Bead Box

The idea is to make something with the lovely components from the Bargain Bead Box shipment I received this month. There's even an added bonus: if I send them a picture of what I make, I get entered into a drawing for some free beads. Free beads? Count me in!

Here is the official picture of what was in the shipment, to give you a better idea of the colors involved... 

Copper and crystals--how luscious!

After I submit my picture to the challenge (the deadline is August 31st), I'll be sure to post it here, too. 

So, that sums up what projects I'm currently working on... Many exciting things to do! 

...And now, off I go to work on them! Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. I'm so happy you like them, Jenny! I actually saw this post a while ago because I'm subscribed to your posts by email, but I never got on my computer to comment. I'm so excited to see what you've created!

    1. I absolutely love these feathers! I've already made my pieces, and I cannot wait to share them on Saturday! Yippee! :D

      (And it's silly, but knowing that you subscribe to get my posts via email makes me goofily happy. Sometimes when I blog it feels like I'm writing to myself, and assurances like that keep me inspired to write more. So, thank you! *grin*)


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