Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back from Vacation...

...and, oh, what a vacation it was!

Truth be told, I'm not quite ready for it to be over. Home is wonderful, but it's also the realm of responsibilities and bills and house maintenance and adulting. Coupled with the fact that it's always hard to say goodbye to family, I could use about another month hidden in the trees!

We stayed in a cabin in the middle of a state forest, nestled in the mountains of western Maryland. For a week, this was my home away from home...

Side of the cabin, including entry to the porch.

My mother certainly has a way of making things welcoming and cheery.
The guitar was our addition to the decor. 

View from the cabin driveway.

Artistic pine needles.

View from the ranger station's porch swing.

A beautiful day at the lake, which is just down the hill from the cabin.

Green trees, blue sky, blue water... Peaceful and calming and all that I have been craving.

Yet, despite my grousing, I admit that it's good to be back. I'm having fun assimilating my new treasures into my craft room... And it's always wonderful returning to my own bed.

And! I have a few jewelry making projects coming up, and that is always fun. I've signed up for two blog hops, figured out what my Monthly Challenge is going to be for August  (more on those things later), and have a bunch of beads I acquired on vacation that I can't wait to work with.

So, here's to a wonderful vacation!

...And here's the being back! It's time to start creating!

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