Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taking pictures

I have been delighted to find that, between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning, the light from the window falls directly onto my desk.  Since I am still looking for employment (other than my Etsy store), I am often sitting at my desk during this time, whether writing or job searching or working on my store.  And now, I can't help it...  I'm also taking pictures.

Here is what the window looks like in the morning:

Yes, there is a lilac bush right outside of our window...  It is very close to the house, and a family of cardinals were nesting in it earlier this summer.  (I took lots of pictures and snippet videos of mama cardinal feeding the babies in the nest.)  Here is another look:

And here is what it does to the desk, which is to the right of the window:

It did not take long for me to start playing around with what that light does to objects... especially shimmery shiny objects:

Those are actually the Silmarils that I recently posted on my store--the ones that I made for the store, and the ones that I made to keep.  Thus encouraged, I am now trying to utilize this wonderful natural light to take more dynamic pictures of the items I'm posting onto my store.

Three examples:

Mist Berries, posted today
Sun Drops, also posted today
As-of-yet unnamed hairstick, not yet posted

Overall, I am very please with the outcome.  While I am not a trained photographer, I have always enjoyed playing with the medium...  It is nice to have an outlet for my photographic dabbling.

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