Thursday, August 5, 2010

A long evening...

I spent most of this evening hefting 5 gallon buckets filled with water and crud, as we attempted to clean out and patch up our leaking cistern.  

It's a long story. 

Anyway, I was very excited that I had enough brain power to post something tonight (even if I don't have enough brain power to describe just why we were cleaning out our cistern).  Ta-da!  Here is the lovely little pair of earrings that I call Summer Butterflies.

Here is the story:

In the coastal town of Dewpointe, there are many indications that summer is drawing to a close. The days start getting shorter, the breeze off of the ocean starts getting cooler... and the gardens become filled with small yellow butterflies. These yellow butterflies, called the Summer Butterflies, are hardly bigger than a person’s thumbnail. They skirt through Dewpointe on their way south, filling the air with wonder as they fly through.

The small yellow butterflies featured on these earrings are just as diminutive as these Summer Butterflies; with the deep blue bead reminiscent of the sky, they are ideal for the long last days of summer. 

This story was inspired by the grand migrations of the Monarch butterflies (if you don't know about them, look it up!  It's pretty spectacular).  I just got a lovely image of a large number of little yellow butterflies flittering and floating through the air.  Well, perhaps I'm just tired, but I thought it was pretty.

So, anyway, that is my accomplishment for the evening.  I think it is now time to rest.

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