Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday's Worktable

...I'm honestly in a bit of a daze today.

You may have noticed that I didn't blog last week. Instead, I was in Maryland with my best friend. It was a hard trip, a spur of the moment trip--my best friend had gotten the call that their father was not doing well (diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer), and he was not given very long to live. He ended up passing away the day after we got there. 

I went as emotional support--no one should have to be alone on a trip like that, to say goodbye--and because I've been an unofficial member of the family for almost 15 years. It felt right to go. We were there for just over a week, and returned back home to Ohio on Sunday night.

As you might imagine, with everything being so crazy, I haven't really gotten a chance to do anything creative. It's been a lot of going and doing (and dealing with one of the worst episodes of food poisoning I have ever had, in the midst of it all). 

I'm only now starting to sort through emotions and settle back into normalcy.

...Now, I realize this is a rather somber entry. I'm feeling very contemplative and drained today. Not upset, really... just quiet and thoughtful, and fiercely grateful for the people I love.

And grateful for sunsets, too. Each of these pictures was taken during the trip--the sky was utterly gorgeous every night I was gone. It was beautiful, and even comforting. After all, everything was being crazy and hard--but the sky itself burst into glory, to remind me that there was still beauty, even then.

Well, thank you for stopping by today and listening to me ramble. I'm sure I'll be posting pretty pictures of beads again soon... Until then, though, know that I truly appreciate you. 

May your days also be filled with beauty.

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