Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

I admit, I haven't been doing much beading this week. 

Instead, I've been focusing on doing house-oriented things... I've been cleaning and organizing and getting rid of clutter. (I have so many things.) I'm nowhere near done, but at least I'm making some headway! 

I do have one thing on my worktable today, however... 

Glass bicones, shell pearls, and brass!

After working on some brighter-hued projects, I've been enjoying this elegant and Victorian-feeling color combination--the mixture of lavender and cream and brass. 

In addition to the earrings seen above, I also made a necklace... But I didn't like it, and so dismantled it. Now I'm contemplating another design--we'll see how that one turns out! :)

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