Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm a Winner! ... of the Artisan Component Marketplace Design Kit!

A few weeks ago, I became aware of a giveaway/challenge that was being held over on the Artisan Component Marketplace Blog

The giveaway: a handful of lucky winners would be sent a kit comprised of sari ribbon and handmade components. The challenge: those lucky winners would then use that kit to design some jewelry.

...And, would you believe it? 

I'm one of those lucky winners!

What's in the box?

My design kit has arrived in the mail, and I am thrilled. I love using handmade creations in my jewelry anyway--and, as you would expect from a group called the Artisan Component Marketplace, these pieces are beautiful.

What goodies!

A beautiful ceramic piece by Marla's Mud.

Wooden toggle by Asbury Avenue Designs.

Copper component by Kristi Bowman Design.

Just, wow. Aren't those pieces just delightful? My mind is already going a million miles a minute just thinking about all the possibilities... Will I make one piece using all the components, or different pieces for each one? So many options!

Everything together!
...I've never used sari ribbon before. This should be fun!

The reveal for this challenge is scheduled for April 11th... So, come by then to see what I make with these lovely pieces! 

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