Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Listed Today: Owls!

Wise Shadows 

Found here!

And, the accompanying story:

There are two distinct clans of owls in the Landus Fantasticus—those that live in the Enchanted Forest, and those that live in the Haunted Forest. 

The owls in the Enchanted Forest, the Nihoon clan, are especially wise in forest lore and are said to be excellent healers. Similarly, the owls in the Haunted Forest, the Vahoon clan, are especially gifted storytellers, with a collective knowledge that goes back ages. 

Both clans also share a common trait—they are secretive, and do not generally interact much with other beings, humans and Fae alike. Instead, they are content to stay in the shadows. Yet, occasionally, their silence is broken... and, when it is, it is very evident why these owls are sometimes called Wise Shadows. 

This pair of earrings—with copper owls as their focals—pays homage to these owls and their silent wisdom.


Life continues apace--working on a lot of new things, with varying levels of success. Still, enjoying the creative process. :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

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