Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Three Sisters

Recently, I acquired identical beads in three different colors.  I made matching sets of earrings and hairsticks.  I present the recently listed:

The Three Sisters

This is their story:

There once were three sisters. These three sisters lived in the Landus Fantasticus, where they quarreled and bickered and fought. Yet, they did so in love—like most sisters do. After all, they were all extremely different from one another… And, no matter how much they loved each other, those differences often caused friction. 

The eldest of these sisters was named Keranna. She was tall and fair, with golden hair and eyes the color of a storm. Her manner was aloof and detached; she preferred scholarly pursuits, and did not care much for social interactions. Her favorite color was blue.

The middle child was named Hesarra. She was shorter than Keranna, with dark dark hair, and eyes the color of the earth. She was friendly and her manner was calming—the peace-maker of her family. Her favorite color was green.

The youngest of the sisters was named Natessa. She was freckled, with bright red hair and eyes the color of a morning sky. She, like Hesarra, was also shorter than Keranna—but what she lacked in height, she made up for in vivacity. With a temper like a forest fire, she was outgoing and precocious. Her favorite color was red.

Indeed, the three sisters were very different… Yet, no matter how many fights Natessa started, Keranna nettled, and Hesarra smoothed over, they loved each other. And, more than that—they valued each other’s friendship, and remained close until the end of their days.

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