Thursday, April 20, 2017

JEM's Art Party - April Entry

I love a good art challenge.

That was probably why, when one of my friends introduced me to JEM's Art Party over on Tumblr, I immediately wanted to participate.

Now, the idea behind the Art Party is simple: every month, the mastermind behind it posts a series of prompts, and people make art inspired by one (or more) of those prompts. What kind of art, you ask? Well, whatever kind the participants want to make. Writing, sculpting, knitting--even making macaroni art! 

So! With that in mind, here is this month's series of prompts:

Very cool, I think!

It's probably no great surprise that I decided to make jewelry--even though making jewelry was not a requirement. I admit that it was fun working from a series of prompts that didn't necessarily have beading in mind... It enabled me to be a bit more creative, a bit more abstract, in my interpretation.

All in all, I used three of the prompts to make my necklace-and-earrings set. 

...And what does it look like? Well, it looks like this:

Ta-da! And yes, there is a tassel. You're so surprised. ;)

And now for a little bit of explanation to go along with the design...

Prompt: The phrase "cracked and empty"

This prompt is actually what made me choose the pendant that I did. I picked out an agate slice with a gash in the middle, lined with tiny little crystals. I think the gash is very much like a crack--a crack which broke and left the middle empty. (I realize that's not how geodes are formed, but I went with it!)

I also picked the jasper barrel beads due to the lines that riddle their surface--reminiscent of cracks that have been filled with gold.

Prompt: The Color Swatch

It was the color swatch that inspired me to make teal the main color of the necklace. The various hues (from dark to light) were meant to mirror the variation seen in the swatch itself (and had the added bonus of matching the banding of the agate pendant).

Now, as a side note: I realize that the teal I ended up using is not quite the same shade as the teal in the prompt. Oops! When I was picking out the beads to use, they matched the picture on my phone exactly... it was only after I was committed that I realized there was a difference.  Still, I think it counts... After all, without that prompt, I doubt I would have made this necklace teal!

Prompt: The Object

It was the picture of the shoes that gave me the inspiration to add the contrasting red-purple shell beads. They break up the monochromatic feel of the necklace (and earrings!), and I really like the sense of whimsy that they add.

As for the rest of the construction of the necklace, everything is wire-wrapped using 24 gauge gold-tone wire. Materials include agate (pendant), glass, shell, crystal, and jasper. The necklace is quite long--as most of my tassel necklaces tend to be--which gives it a fantastic amount of sway when worn.

So, there you go! That's what I made for JEM's Art Party! I'm pretty excited to see what next month's prompts are... And who knows, maybe I'll make something other than jewelry. Heh. We'll just have to see!

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a wonderful day, everyone! 

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