Monday, September 30, 2013

October Garden

Today is the last day of the September Surprise Sale!

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I posted these listings last week, but with October just around the corner (tomorrow!), I thought I'd share them here.

October Garden Set

October Garden - One of a Kind Hairstick

October Garden - One of a Kind Earrings


Accompanying Story:

It should come as no surprise that the Landus Fantasticus is a beautiful place all year long. While Spring and Summer certainly have their share of bright and cheerful colors, the other seasons are equally lovely in their own right.

An example of this is the October Garden. Located in the plains near the Noble Court, it reaches its full splendor during Autumn—specifically October, as its name implies. Spectacular flowers bloom in orange and red and brown, and the leaves on the trees echo these same shades. Set against the Autumn sky, the October Garden is certainly a sight to behold—and poets from all across the Kingdoms come to view its beauty.

This set is made in the colors of this garden: maple-red, flower-orange, and two different shades of Autumn sky, all mixed with brass and brown. Indeed, it looks like it could adorn one of the visiting poets, as they viewed the spectacle of the October Garden.

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