Friday, August 9, 2013

Failure Follow-Up

I just wanted to share that, after all of my stressing and complaining and railing against my perceived shortcomings, something miraculous happened today.

I was able to relax.

...And, wouldn't you know it, as soon as I relaxed, I made two skirts.

I guess I have been putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect, that I haven't really been allowing myself the sloppy-messup-explode part of creating.

I need to remember that messes and failures are just part of the creative process.

And I need to let myself relax.


Speaking of relaxing--I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend! :)


  1. I've also had times where every creative thing I try to do just seems to be a disaster. The frustration and bad feelings accumulate, the harder I try the worse it gets. I've learned instead of assuming you can just muster up more determination and just go on, it's better to stop and take a break. A minute, an hour, a day or a week. However long it takes. And try not to feel afraid about it all, because your creative abilities will return. Sometimes after a break they are better than ever :-)

    1. So true! I think that sometimes when I try to muster up more determination, I try too hard--and that extra pressure just makes my creativity fizzle up and hide.

      I think that taking a break sounds like a wonderful idea... I need to give myself permission to do just that, when the need arises!


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