Thursday, August 8, 2013

Accepting Failure

I've been failing a lot recently.

I go to glue hairsticks... I end up getting epoxy everywhere.

I go to change a lightbulb... I end up dropping the light fixture cover and having it shatter.

I go to sew a dress... I end up sewing it all wrong. (Literally, all wrong. Somehow, I ended up sewing the right side and the wrong side together, and then the bottom front to the top back, and the bottom back to the top front. It's a convoluted mess! Gah.)

...There have been ruined dinners, shattered plates, epic water-spills, warped jewelry designs, and dropped pins all over the floor.

Honestly, it's been ridiculous.

But, even so...

I'm realizing that the world has not ended. 

Tonight, my husband reminded me that these failures aren't bad things... I am learning. I am growing. Even if I create something that doesn't work, I am still creating.

And, well, dropping things... not being perfect... I guess that means I'm human.

...And that's okay.

Hopefully I'll have some projects to share soon, hopefully I'll have cool pictures to show here soon... or, I might just continue to fail.

But, I am slowly learning that that's okay.

I am happy to still be growing.

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