Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

I'm still sick.


My work table looks much the same as last week--half finished projects waiting for me to have the wherewithall to work on them.

But, after one too many horrible coughing fits, I have waved the white flag and am letting myself rest... parked on the sofa, covered in blankets, drinking chamomile tea and eating gummi bears while watching documentaries on Netflix.

My couch--the current quarantined sick zone.
...And, yes, those are angry bird plushies. And pillows shaped like books.

I do have a reveal coming on Friday--the one for my Monthly Challenge--which I am looking forward to. My pieces are done, I just need to take pictures. We'll see if I can get off the couch to do that between now and then.


Take care, everyone. Wishing you all good health and pleasant days!

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