Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

There are so, so many things that I need to be working on right now... And I'm behind on every single one.

You see, this past weekend, I apparently caught The Crud. 

My husband caught it, too, and seems to have it a bit worse than I do... he had to go to the doctor on Monday to get an inhaler, because he just couldn't breathe. Me, I'm just sniffly and sneezy and nauseous and horribly horribly dizzy.


I have incredible respect for those who deal with chronic illnesses... I have a hard enough time with the flu!

So, anyway... on my worktable this week, I have medicine and fancy-schmancy tea, as I bumble my way to productivity and try not to run into walls. (In addition to making it hard to focus and making me sick to my stomach, being dizzy takes away my sense of balance.)

...Here's to hoping I don't glue my hands to my forehead while making hairsticks.

I hope everyone else is staying healthy and well this week!

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