Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - April Edition

I've been digging through my stash, and I'm really excited about what I've picked out for this month's challenge!

For those on you not familiar with what I'm doing, I introduce it here. Essentially, it's me playing around and challenging myself to make things, mostly as a way to jump-start my creativity and make sure I don't get stagnant. 

For this month--and since it's now Spring (at least according to date, if not by weather)--I thought it would only be fitting to be make cheerful and sufficiently Spring-y.

And so, this is my April challenge... To make something with these components:

Spring Colors!

And now, for some background... 

Several months ago, while at the store, I came across these both in the clearance section:

...Beads! And ruffle yarn! In nearly identical color-ways!

...As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted to make a matching, coordinating set with them. I mean, honestly, the colors are nearly identical. So, I bought them!

And promptly ignored them.

What's in the bag?

This is what's in the bag!

But, no longer! 

My goal is, by the end of April, I will have some lovely rose-garden-colored pieces to celebrate the beauty of Spring.

Heh... We'll see if I'm able to live up to my expectations.

Come back on April 25th to see what I end up making!

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