Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Blogging Challenge!

...And, appropriately for November, the theme is books! :)

The talented Lorelei Eurto (her blog is here) and Sara Lukkonen (of C Koop Beads) have teamed up to create a very cool challenge... A challenge involving these awesome little books that Sara has recently developed:

Photo Courtesy of Lorelei Eurto...
I take no credit for its loveliness!

There are 12 books, and therefore 12 participants for this challenge--and I was picked to be one of them! Woo-hoo!

There are a few rules to follow--fun rules! Involving stories! To read more about said rules, check out Lorelei's blog entry, found here!

...And be sure to stop by after November 25 to see what I've made!

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