Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday's Worktable

This week, my worktable is all over the place. 

...Seriously. I'm starting to work on my Monthly Challenge (details coming soon!). I'm starting to work on Christmas presents (even though I told myself I wasn't going to make any this year--ha!). I'm making random Christmas ornaments (because, why not?).

It honestly looks like a bead store has exploded on my craft table. Heh. Ah, the wonders of creative chaos.


I have also started doing more metal stamping. 

After some initial trials (hilarious trials, might I add--see below), I'm making good progress. I'm having all sorts of fun thinking of different things to stamp, and have my eyes on a few different alphabets to buy. :)

This was just me practicing with spacing and such.
...Apparently, if you don't have enough room, "friend" becomes "fried."

So, yes. My brain is running amok with project ideas, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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