Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wonder and Whimsy Monthly Challenge - August Edition

August is my vacation month.

As such, my original plan was not to do a challenge at all this month. After some thinking, though, I realized that I would miss it--and thus I decided to do something a little extra fun for this month's challenge.

Some background: one of my favorite online beadsellers is currently having a huge sale, and one of the things they have discounted are randomly selected mixed bead strands. You know, like these (photos found here and here, respectively): 

With these bundles, you know how many strands you're going to get, and have a general idea of what the material is going to be (glass, gemstone, pearl, and so forth)--but you don't know the specifics. 

Like the color. 

Or the shape.

So, I snagged a few bundles (like the above pearl bundle here and the glass mix bundle here)--and that's my challenge! I plan to make something using the beads from these mixes--and only beads from these mixes.

I'll be sure to show pictures of the strands when they arrive... Trust me, I'm watching my door like a hawk! I just love getting packages! :)

The reveal for this challenge will be Friday, August 26th. Be sure to stop by then to see what I have made!

P.S. If you want to play along, I would love for you to join me! The beads I ordered were on super sale at FireMountainGems (sale goes until August 8th)... But they definitely aren't the only place that sells mixed collections!

And, honestly, you wouldn't even need to buy new beads. The whole idea is to be random--you could just go through your stash, pick some beads at random (not giving thought to size or shape or color), and just make something with them! I just decided to buy some because: 1. sale! and 2. I love a good beadie surprise in the mail.

...Oh, and disclaimer: I have not been paid to link to FireMountainGems--not at all. I just happen to like shopping their sales, and thought I would share the fun. :)


  1. Dang. . .It's after the 8th, but I still got the sale prices I think! I ordered a couple of mixes of the gemstones. I may play along depending on when they get to me and what I get. I'm looking forward to the surprise! Thanks for sharing the sale and enjoy your vacation!

    1. Heee! I'm thrilled that you were able to snag some at the sale prices! (I believe they extended the sale a day--hurray!) I hope you get something absolutely wonderful. It's always fun to share the bead love... Have fun with your gemstones! I plan to have fun with what I receive, and my vacation! Whee! :)


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