Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday's Worktable

I had every intention not to do anything for this week's worktable. I was going to rest and take a break from creating.

...And then, while I was straightening my craft room, the beads called to me.

To give you some background: I often come up with jewelry ideas faster than I can make them, so I group all of the needed materials together and put them in little ziplock bags. That way, when I get time, I can pick out a project and everything I need will be right there. If designs are extra-specially-complicated, I'll even draw out a sketch and put it in the bag, too. 

Project baggies are not exactly photogenic, are they?
It's a fairly messy system, but it seems to work for me.

The only problem is that my worktable is completely covered with these project baggies. Sometimes I think they multiply without my knowledge... and last month, when I was focused on earrings, I'm pretty sure they doubled.

So! In order to straighten up my workspace, I just had to tackle some... Three, in particular. That way, they'll be cleaned up and no longer on my table, right? ;)

First up: shades of silver!

Silver glass meets high end smoky quartz.

My husband bought me that focal last Christmas, and I just recently (i.e. in November) found the perfect things to go with it. Those smoky quartz heishi beads are just gorgeous!

The other two project baggies I picked are related to last month's challenge... I tried to stand firm, but the call of matching sets is strong! So, yeah, I'm working on two necklaces to match earrings I made.

Specifically, I'm working on a peaches-and-cream necklace... 

Vintage swirled beads (possibly lucite) paired with
peach pearls and rhinestone rondelles.

to match these:

And I'm playing around with shades of blue and silver and brass...

Ceramic tube beads meet Czech glass rounds and wooden spacers.

to match the pair on the right:

So much for taking a break!

Still, I really can't complain. I'm enjoying playing around, just for the sake of playing around... Without an agenda or a to-do list. It's always nice just to create for the sheer joy of creating... That, in and of itself, is relaxing to me. And if I make something pretty as a result--well, that's the icing on the cake.

Take care, everyone!

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