Friday, February 27, 2015

The Jenny Monthly Challenge - February Reveal

Well, here is it... the end of February already. 

And that means that it's time for the reveal of my February Challenge! Hurray!

As a reminder, my self-appointed task was to create as many items out of this box of beads as I could:

There are a few more compartments not seen here, but rest assured... it's all the same type of beads.

And here is (most of) what I made!

So many things!

And now, instead of just tantalizing you, here's a look at the individual items. There are 14 of them overall--8 necklaces, and 6 pairs of earrings. And for no real reason, I'm going to present them in the reverse order that I made them. So, first up...

Midnight Lariat

This necklace is made of all of the really dark beads from the box... Mostly black, with occasional dark blue, purple, or grey.

Process shot!

I actually remade this necklace three times. Above, you see me converting it from the second version to the third version; I was having trouble getting it to lay right when worn. (I was trying to do something that was not wire-wrapping, but apparently that wasn't meant to be!)

Here's what the final one looks like, as well as the asymmetrical earrings I made to match it. 

Victorian Rose

For this set, I challenged myself to use the colors that I had originally overlooked: the clears, the whites, and the pinks. The end result is quite lovely! (Although it really doesn't look good on me. I guess it's too close to my skintone... Ah well!)

...Now, the next three sets are almost companion pieces... Each necklace is a different length, meaning that they can be worn together or separate.

Lilac Garden

Ocean Blues

Autumn Fire

Splash of Summer

And now for some color! This was the second set that I made--and it is bright and bold and wonderful. And long enough to be wrapped around my neck three times and still drape well. I actually want to get more of those beads, just so I can make more... so much color can be addicting! 

Crocheted Rainbow

And now, for the first piece that I made... And it's not wire-wrapped!

When I first looked at that box of brightly colored beads, this was actually the first idea that I had: to make a long strand necklace using crochet and a random assortment of beads. And here is the end result!

That focal is a handmade polymer clay bead. I am honestly not sure of the artist.

...I think it would have worked a bit better on different thread with a different size crochet hook, but still! I'm pleased. 

And, once again, here is everything together!

The earrings!

All but the first necklace! Because wire-wrapping is fun. :)

So, ta-da! That is what I made this month, using that box of beads. 

...And now, I want to go get another big colorful glass mix, so that I can make more! Because whenever I try to use up my stash, it always gives me the desire to get more so that I can make more! Such is the plight of the artist, I suppose. ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I made... I hope everyone has a wonderful end of February!


  1. So awesome! I love the colors and I love that midnight lariat!

  2. What a great idea - and what a terrific end result! Yes, absolutely, you should treat yourself to another stash of colorful beads to have fun with!

    1. Heehee... That's all the prompting I need! I plan on picking up more soon! :D

  3. I love, love this project you've completed! I could sit and wrap beads for ages and ages. I bet you did. Your color combinations are really great. As much as I love blues and as much as I love bright colors and as much as I don't usually love pink. . .that pink and clear piece is so, so romantic and dreamy. The camera sure does love it. Beautiful work and congrats on meeting this goal! I want to do something similar now, but first to figure out where to start.

    1. I'm so, so glad you liked it! It was so fun... It essentially just started with a giant mix of beads that I broke down into categories (hence the bead box compartments), and then gave myself permission to go to town. And I agree... I don't usually like that shade of pink, but I really really like that set. It makes me want to go have high tea in a frilly dress. :)


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