Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello, November!

Despite being sick for part of it (bleh), I think that October was still a very good month.

...And now it's November! 

Ah, yes, the much anticipated writing-month. I have so, so much that I want to accomplish this month... I guess we'll see what all I get done! :)


Things that Make Me Happy: 
Autumn Edition

1. Autumn Leaves!

Going on a morning walk.

...And more Autumn Leaves...

2. Autumn-themed hairsticks!

Sensing a theme here?
I wonder what my inspiration was to make these... ;)

3. Adventures with my husband.

Random food outing...

...heading towards the city skyline...

...And a trip to the Renaissance Festival!
I wasn't able to get a picture of us together, so this will have to do.
Point of reference: the swords are both the same size.

4. Hot and cozy beverages--tea or coffee or apple cider.

Steeping tea.

5. ...And, of course: writing!

The promise of the blank page...
The promise of a new month.

I realize that I talk quite a bit about Autumn here on my blog, but I don't apologize one bit! It's just so lovely and happy. :)

And so, thanks for stopping by and looking at my happy list... I hope that your November is simply wonderful!

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