Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight's Random Craft

...Making paper beads, for the first time ever!

And then turning those paper beads into earrings.

Those pearly dangles are actually taken from a vintage earring I had
sitting around--an earring that had no partner, so it was destined
to be repurposed.

More danglies! ...Yes, all from the same vintage earring.

Amusingly enough, I actually colored both of those sets of beads using Sharpie metallic markers--bronze and copper, respectively. Applying the top coat of varnish changed it from bright metallic to a kind of patina. Not only that, but I rolled them kind of wonky--don't completely have the hang of that yet.

But, honestly, I kind of love them.

All in all, not bad for a first attempt... And I'm sure I will play with them more. So many color and shape possibilities!

Anyway, thanks for letting me share... I hope everyone is having a nice night!


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