Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's the Project That Will Not End!

...And I'm not complaining one bit. :)

So, without a doubt, one of my largest projects this year has been creating the jewelry line to accompany L.S. Baird's novel Evensong's Heir... And when I listed the last set back in May, I thought I might be done.

*pause for dramatic effect*

Nope! The world is just too inspiring, and there are characters left to explore. 

And so, I just posted two more Songbird Tribute sets--for characters who don't actually show up in the novel, but are extremely important to the history of Valnon.*

They are:

King of the Sea
Set for Hasal

King of the Sea - Set for Hasal

King of the Sea - Set for Hasal

Queen of the Sea
Set for Naime
Queen of the Sea - Set for Naime

Queen of the Sea - Set for Naime

The listings are here:
Hasal - Hairsticks
Hasal - Earrings
Naime - Hairpin
Naime - Earrings

I should also tell you that there are also necklaces that go with both of these sets, but I'm tweaking the Hasal necklace, and--for the first time ever--I'm keeping the Naime necklace for myself. Now, I am planning on making another Naime necklace and fixing the Hasal necklace, and they will probably--probably--be listed at sometime in the future. But we'll have to see.

And, who knows? There just might be new pieces coming out in the future, too! :)


* - Why are they important to the history of Valnon?

I'm so glad you asked! 

Hasal and Naime--the sea god and his bride--are the founders of Hasafel... And, since present-day Valnon is built on the ruins of Hasafel--and the Doves of Valnon are said to have the blood of Hasal running through their veins--Hasal and Naime are really kind of a big deal.

For a lovely blog entry written by the author about Naime and Hasal, go here.


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