Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Sneak Peak

My thoughts on Valentine's Day...

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.  For quite a long time, I had no Valentine...  After all, it wasn't until I was a senior in college that I had a boyfriend (who, happily, is now my husband).  So, I was the single girl who bought myself chocolates and flowers on February 14th, and tended to avoid romantic movies.  Even today, happily married, I am not much for pink and foofy displays of affection.  

I am, however, very fond of stately expressions of love.  For example, my favorite flowers are roses--not to be cliché, but because I love their depth, the way their petals unfurl, their silk velvet reds.  I enjoy the deeper shades of Valentine's--reds and silvers, velvet and damask, rich dark chocolate truffles and creamy ganache.

And so, while thinking of designs for Valentine's Day this year, I tried to incorporate that feeling of stately love.  I am happy with the result--both the Winter's Masquerade set that I posted earlier, and my newest creation:

I plan on posting it to my store very soon...  I am just trying to come up with a fitting story to accompany it.  Keep a look out for when it goes live!

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