Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Explanation: Story Location and Disclaimer

In almost every item that I post, I include the following disclaimer:

"Please note that most stories told here--unless otherwise stated--are my original ideas. They are part of a larger work that I am writing and planning on publishing. As such, I would appreciate that thet be treated as just that--my intellectual property. ... I greatly appreciate your cooperation!"

Why do I include this disclaimer?

Well, as the above states, the stories that I include on my store (and also here) are tied into a larger story that I am currently working on. While most of my main characters will not appear in these posted snippets, there is one extremely important aspect that does: the location.

Where do these stories take place?

Unless otherwise specified, these stories take place in a world called the Landus Fantasticus--or, colloquially, the Land of Happily Ever After. There are five main regions in this land: the desert, the plains, the forests (both the enchanted forest and the haunted forest), the sea and its coast, and the mountains. Each region is divided into the subregions, all of which have a distinctly different, rich, and deep cultural tradition. These regions are what provide the backdrop to the stories that I connect with my physical creations--as well as my novel.

I do not think that posting things, either here or on my store, compromises the integrity or well-being of the story I wish to publish. I would not post them otherwise. However, I do request that everything here be treated as my intellectual property. That is, after all, a decent and expected courtesy when an artist shares their work. Along those lines, I will also do my best to give credit for those ideas that are not mine--to extend that same courtesy to others.

And, so, there you go. For those of you who were curious, that is an explanation of why I include a disclaimer, as well as a glimpse into the Landus Fantasticus.

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